About the characters


First ever picture of Michi!

Gender: Girl

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Song: The Nya Nya song

Personality: Michi has a sweet and positive personality, which really makes her stand out- especially to Yuke (who is her boyfriend) she always thinks on the bright side and wants to help out with all problems. She works hard to shine in her world, no matter how dull she is. She always is getting into hard situations- luckly Yuke comes to the rescue and frequently helps her out, which is one of the reasons she does so well!

Side-self: Michi likes to pretend to be a ninja, but usually ends up in an epic fail- unlike Yuke, who is actual ninja. Thats one of the things she likes about him. Michi lives in her own imaginary world, where she is a ninja trying to save helpless pieces of food- and then eating them- this is one of her stranger sides.

Who she likes: If you havent already figured that out, she is in love with yuke. She just had a love at first sight moment- which she thought to be like a fairy tale- especially becuase after her breakup with her first BF (not going in detail ever) she decided that her fairy tale idea of love does not exhist. (and she spoke too soon there) She loves to spend time with Yuke as much as possible- and who could blame her for wanting to spend time with her prince charming (ok, hes at least charming in her eyes)




Gender: Guy

Favorite Color: Black (or red)

Favorite Song: I’m Blue (Eiffel 65) <my favorite song too!!>

Personality: He is outgoing and freindly, but also dark and ominous (oooohhhhh o.o). He is strong willed and has a strong heart as well. He would protect Michi with his life (michi: like a guardian angel!!). He is also a ninja. He can’t, however ,do any of those strange moves you see on things like Naruto. Nevertheless, he can run really fast, jump really high, can easily do close combat. He is strong, yet gentle (especially when Michi is around)

Who he likes: Michi. He also had a love at first sight encounter with Michi, but he didnt know it until a little later when he had to protect her from a dog (who attacked her when she was out hunting.) He always has to be sure to be careful to act relaxed and gentle around Michi, especially because he has a natural high temper and a sort of dark edging in his life. He has many different days, some days with him being positive and cheerful, some days when he is negative and angry, and some days inbetween. He vowed that he would change his angry and dark side when he met Michi. He has spent countless hours training himself to be good even when he is angry, so when he is having one of his more moody days, he wont scare her away. nomatter what, yuke is always two sided, and nothing can change that. (ok… unless you count michi)


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